Thursday, 9 February 2012

How wrong can you be in under 500 characters?

You would think that being limited to 500 characters would provide a reasonable limit to how wrong someone is capable of being, but you'd be wrong.  Check out this comment from my "Are Atheists Too Aggressive?" video.

I'm going to have to take this one mistake at a time.

Ahh...we don't say human sacrifice is good, 

Well that makes the crucifixion a bit awkward to explain doesn't it?  But let's not go there right now.  I don't want to get into a wrangle over God sacrificing himself to himself to appease himself.  Let's instead look at Jepthah.  He promised Yahweh to give the first thing that came out of his house on his return from battle as a burnt offering if he was granted victory.

Unfortunately Jepthah did not know (though an all knowing God must have known) that the first thing to greet him would be his daughter.  Whom he did, in fact, give as a burnt offering to Yahweh.  Your God, according to your book, accepted a human sacrifice.  End of story.  Judges 11:30-40

it mentions that the prophets have slaves but that's part of the economy back then and they were more of indentured servants.

Oh, it was part of the economy, well that's all right then.  After all, they were just simple minded folk and it's not as if they were being guided by a being of pure love and righteousness who understood the moral depravity of the situation, is it? Oh dear, that's EXACTLY what the book claims was going on.  You'll have to forgive me, I may seem a bit naive here, but wouldn't an infinitely wise being such as this find it relatively easy to convince a tribe recently released from slavery that, you know, 'Slavery is bad, mmkay'?

As for the Old Testament slaves being 'indentured servants',that only applied to other jews and if they took a wife and had children during their servitude, his family remained property of the slave owner. If he wanted to stay with them he had to permanently give up his freedom. Exodus 21:2-6

People of other tribes were slaves for life and could be bequeathed as property. Leviticus 25:44-46

Severe beatings were permitted as long as they were not immediately fatal. Exodus 21:20-21

 Also West Burrow church are a horrible example of Christianity and if you ever spend time on the internet there are extremest just like there are in Christianity, or any other religion

You're right, pretty much all forms of religion based on unquestioning, ignorant dogma produces unquestioning, ignorant dogmatists.  I just don't know why you think this argument, if that's what it is supposed to be, works in your favour.  Surely the one true word of a god should be beyond such things.

Lastly that Pie graph is way off atheism is alot larger and christianity should be closer to the mid way point.

Not according to the U.S. Census Bureau which estimates that 75% of adult Americans are Christian and if anything, their figures for declared atheists are less than what the graph in my video suggested.  But hey, let's not let something as trivial as reality get in the way of your opinion, eh?

A word of caution for the future, unlike most christians I know, most atheists I know have actually read the bible for themselves.  Be aware of this next time you want to parrot half-assed apologetics.

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